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Indian Spices

The wonderful and magical combination of Indian spices makes Indian cuisine one of the most popular and finest in the world. Spices are produced from roots, bark, leaves, buds and seeds of plants. Most are naturally aromatic such as powdered Garam Masala, while others need to be lightly roasted to produce oils, which release their aroma and flavor. Spices play multiple roles by adding flavor, aroma and color, and also by having a positive effect on the body such as Turmeric Powder, which is proven to be a digestive and antiseptic aid.  It's best to purchase spices in their whole form as they remain fresh for longer periods, if they are stored correctly in cool dark places inside tight lidded jars. You can simply grind the spices fresh, as and when needed.  As soon as whole spices are ground, the volatile aromatic oils that give them their individual flavors and aromas begin to take effect.  Generally, whole spices can last up to 1-2 years. We at Kyra Exports are dedicated to supply the best quality Indian spices with all the natural values intact to our clients.

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